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Joni Loftin is an Empowerment Coach who infuses the power of intuition, 

spirituality, the Divine Feminine, and traditional coaching methods to empower women to align with their personal and professional vision. 

Joni guides women on a journey of self-love, discovery, manifestation,

and self actualization.  She has been described as "providing a warm and inviting hug to embrace you through your journey" and she "shifts your perspective on life, and allows you to be more connected with your purpose.  Her strong intuition and loving heart are two of the most powerful things to be witnessed."



Vision Boarding

Vision Boards are an excellent tool in manifesting your vision for your life. They are a visual representation of your desires; a collage of inspiring images, words, photos, etc.

Schedule a one-on-one

Vision Boarding session with Joni. She will serve as your guide, DJ, and barista during the creative process.

Go to the contact page to book

your Vision Boarding Session.


Begin with a complimentary Discovery Session with Joni where you can talk about where you are at, where you want to go, and take the first step towards getting there.  Sessions are affordable and offered individually

or as a discounted package.  Go to

the contact page to book

your Discovery Session.

"Joni has unconditionally supported me through exciting and difficult transitions, including career, relationships and living locations. Joni is a skilled listener. She is not judgmental. And she always meets me exactly where I am. During our sessions, Joni provides thoughtful, honest feedback as well as practical tools and suggestions that have helped me move through the world in a more mindful way. Joni is part of my support team and I cannot say enough heartfelt things about her. She has truly been a gift in my life."   

-Jenny Tamayo

"How I propelled my business forward with simple techniques from a powerful coach! Before I started looking for a coach, I was having a hard time moving my business forward like I wanted. I knew I had determination and drive, but still, I was frustrated at the lack of progress. When I started working with Joni, that changed dramatically. First, she made me feel at ease from the very beginning.  She is a great listener and her vibe was very empathetic and reassuring. It made me feel like at ease and cared for. I wasn't just another number on her client list. Second, she helped me uncover what was holding me back and guided me with practical and powerful techniques to change those limiting beliefs about myself. Joni has an innate quality to really get to the root cause of the "problem" her ability to connect with you is unparalleled. The transformation has been amazing. I am now more clear on my path. When things come up I can see them for what they are. The same things that kept me stuck in the inaction mode are very transparent and now I move past them with ease and confidence. I have shifted to produce the results that I have been wanting for so long.  I am forever grateful. Thank you, Joni!"

-Deni Mariscal

"Joni Loftin is amazing. Not only is she a transformational life coach, but she has a unique style about her that makes her stand out from other coaches. And her intuitive nature is an added bonus to help you go from unclear to clearly knowing your path."

-Marianne Bridgeman

Tel: 415.305.2887


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